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Bell Sleeves and Stripes

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BELL SLEEVE TOP: Amazon |WIDE BRIM HAT: Sold out but linking one super similar! | BUTTON CORDUROY SKIRT: Altered Stateunable to link so linking one similar | COGNAC BOOTIES: AmazonCOIN NECKLACE:  Mine was inherited, linking one super similarLIPSTICK & LINER: Whirl + Snob 

As you all may know, I have not put up a NEW blog post this Year. Over 3 months. I have been busy trying to get the site transformed to wordpress from blogger. I wanted to own my site. There was something to be said about having my blog on a free platform that was starting to bother me. I have transferred all of my old blog posts to WP now, however only the last handful of those posts I updated the links to be compatible with WP. I have over 200 blog posts that I may be one day will go back through and relink existing things, but not now. The time is to move on and link all of the current things before they all sell out. I have many outfits that will soon not be relavent so I plan to post all of those in the coming weeks. There is snow on the ground in the pictures which not uncommon to see here in Colorado up till Mothers day. Thank You all for your patience through this new blog transformation. As some of you may know I was wanting to transfer my blog to WP for a long time and was referred to someone, but to leave details out they didnt end up working out. It was a constant lack of communication and I wanted my blog to be up and running quickly so I didn’t have a huge absence. The blog nightmare went on for over a year. I was referred to a different person and ended up doing the transfer and blog template from Etsy all my self. My New web designer is here to help me troubleshoot and make everything else run smoothly. I wanted to have this exact website you see, designed from scratch and funny story… I found a template matching what I wanted on Etsy. So my girl helped mainly with my site map, helping with all of my posts, tons of background stuff that was much needed for the site to run. I found her and had my site up and running in 2 days. It was and day difference. So my take away from all of this is, ever pay someone before the work is completed.

In the3 month absence, I also went to school to become a Nurse Aesthetic Injector. So I put blogging on hold as well to get my ideas and thoughts together so I could regroup and plan how I was going to carry out the rest of the year. I will be opening my own practice here soon. I will give more details when the time comes and I will share the website as well, so if you are local I can inject your pretty little faces with botox and filler, or do /PRP. I wait to blog fulltime as well as inject and be my own boss full time. Nursing has been so because it has allowed me to learn and grow with different skills as well as has allowed me the time to find my creative side outside of a hospital.

So what to expect from me in the coming months/over the year is… more blog posts showcasing my outfits, shopping finds, workouts, lifestyle/family and Travel, as well as my other job of injecting and being creative on that level.

I picked up this bell sleeve top recently and hands down think it’s one of the best tops I have purchased from Amazon that I have in my closet. It’s an amazing price point too, so you can look super cute for a great price! Originally, I was going to wear the bell sleeves casually with jeans and booties, but then I thought it would be fun to style it for a transition piece. AS you all know I live in Colorado, so dressing warmly is what I do most of the time or in layers. Typically if I am long sleeves on top I am wearing a skirt on the bottom in the warmer months. I get cold easily. I will wear this bell sleeve top this summer with my I am sure too. I love this skirt, I purchased it in multiple colors since that is what I do when I find a piece I like and a fit I like, I buy it in multiple colors. I love Amazon, I find my self searching for all the things on Amazon these days. So, of course, I found these very similar to Free Bird booties that are a must-have. They are so comfy and true to size. I love affordable fashion.

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