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Unique Gift Ideas for the Person that Has Everything!

I have struggled trying to find unique gift ideas for people in my family, because I constantly get told “I don’t need any thing” I want to say everyone in my family has always been this way! Everyone is too humble to ask for anything. 

What can I say I love to shop, so my excuse is, I never need anything because when I want something I will go out and buy it. I will save my money for things that I want.  
There is a statement I love-  you shop a lot… No, I just love collecting! So now any time someone says let’s go shopping I say OK I can always go collecting! 
What can I say.. my family and I work hard for the things we want, so we don’t ever need anything. I have put together a shopable page for you all to see some ideas of what you can buy those people in your life that have everything. 

I think these unique gift ideas are great for anyone. 

I love these Maps, these can be a gift for anyone! These are great for any place in your home. I love the idea of gifting this for someone that maybe doesn’t live in the city they grew up. I really want one for the city I grew up in! I also like the idea of getting one where my parents live. Home is where the heart is. You can get any city or state that you want! 
These can be framed with your favorite frame to match the decor of your house or your friends or family’s house. They do come with a frame that is very unique. I love the idea of purchasing a keepsake! This is easily transitioned in any house! I love the stories or memories that can come with such a simple map!
I love these blankets! You can get one for decoration/ a throw, or as a blanket that you actually snuggle up in! I highly recommend it for anyone who loves to cuddle in a soft blanket in bed, watching TV, or cuddled up by the fire. It’s definitely an investment but by far the best throw I’ve ever owned. I honestly can’t wait to take more pictures for the gram with this throw!!

Robes, Slippers, Blankets, gadgets, keepsakes, candles, these are all great things to buy for any gender and you can spend as little or as much as you want to. I won’t ever turn any of these things away!!

Shop These Unique Gift Ideas:

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